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Zachary Bellin

Language of Breath Breathworker

FL | United States


Zachary is a breathwork guide and facilitator that has worked with many people, face to face and online, to incorporate breathwork into people's everyday lives for a healthier you, inside and out. He is married and a father of four, 9 year Marine veteran, and currently works as a program manager in a large defense company. His interest in meditation and breathwork began back in 2017 and has evolved into a passion to help others in life. Zachary has committed countless hours of training and education to learn the breath and how it can be used as a gateway to the inner/unconscious self, and greater self awareness. He currently guides breathwork sessions for friends and family with the plan to expand into a formal breathwork practice to help people in all walks of life.

Teaching Specialities

  • Athletes

  • Coaching

  • Men's Work

  • Veterans


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