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Susan Norrish

Language of Breath Breathworker

Ontario | Canada


Susan Norrish is a Double Certified Breathwork Facilitator and Neurofeedback Trainer. Personal transformation has been her mission for over 30 years. Teaching others to embody their divinity by embracing their humanity is her vision and passion. Susan offers safe and supportive space to individuals who are ready to move forward with their lives from merely surviving to actually enjoying and thriving in life. Susan will help you uncover and become aware of the patterns that have held you back from living well and will support and walk with you as you re-program, renew and transform.

Susan offers individual mentoring as well as group offerings, is a featured speaker, and is the creator of FōNē Free (pronounced “phony”) to help people step out of imposter syndrome and into the freedom of their true self.

Susan is trained and certified with Integrative Breath, Language of Breath, and NeurOptimal®.

Teaching Specialities

  • Addiction

  • Female Health

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Mental Health

  • Trauma

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