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Garth Cowley

Language of Breath Breathworker

UT | United States


Garth Cowley served in the United States Air Force for 8 years. He is an active law enforcement officer, beginning in early 2004. Garth served for 12 years on an active SWAT team (entry team) and has been involved in many critical incidents throughout his careers. He has been referred to as an adrenaline junky, but he really does enjoy and knows how to just chill out as well. Garth enjoys many things but a few constants in his life are his family, staying physically and mentally fit, meditation, breathwork, ice cold plunging, shooting firearms (competitively, for work, and for fun), hunting, martial arts, kickboxing, hiking, camping, and just about anything outdoors. With his career and performance oriented lifestyle, Garth has found it extremely important to be able to switch on and off to keep his nervous system in a healthy state and to be able to adapt to the environmental conditions, whatever they may be. Mastering breathwork has become a very important staple in all of his endeavors, whether performing under extreme to moderate stress or trying to get a good night's rest. He has literally been living and handling high levels of stress, anxiety of all forms, managing optimal performance states in all kinds of life threatening and competitive arenas, as well as the many processes of recovery for well over 35 years.

Garth has taught and coached thousands of people in a variety of different subjects, a few of which include multiple variations of breathwork, meditation, ice water plunging, CrossFit, self-defense, the safe use of firearms, as well as competitive shooting sports. He has also been very well versed in dealing with trauma and helping others dealing with stress and critical incident exposure related trauma through Peer Support programs at two law enforcement agencies. Garth has also taught multiple different subjects at several Peace Officer Standards and Training Academies at Colleges and Universities.

Garth genuinely enjoys sharing his experiences and helping others become their best, in whatever they choose to do in life. He truly has a vast amount of experience and knows how lifechanging breathwork can be to health, performance, and general regulation of the nervous system to be the best version of yourself through deep awareness and presence. 

Teaching Specialities

  • Athletes

  • First Responders

  • Men's Work

  • Mental Health

  • Trauma

  • Veterans

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