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Language of Breath Collective

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Welcome to the

Create a Connection with Every Breath

The problem that modern humans face is that we are chronically disconnected. This leads to poor health, low self-confidence, and less energy and focus.


To reconnect to you, and become the healthiest and strongest version of yourself, you have to learn the language your body speaks.


This is the focus of the Language of Breath, a system of breathwork that challenges you to look beyond the old mind/body paradigm and see yourself as a whole organism that experiences itself both consciously and unconsciously.

Explore the Language of Breath

Do you want to learn to speak your internal language better, or are you looking to make your passion for breathwork into something you can confidently teach? The Language of Breath System can help you do both.

Pencil artwork of surreal human head sketch in bright colours

Online Course

Take a 6 week deep-dive into learning how to create a positive relationship with your unconscious self, leading to more confidence, better health, and more energy and focus in all areas of your life. Through six, week-long modules, you will learn how to decipher this language and how to take an active role in it!


Breathwork Certification

By completing this certification you will become highly trained in functional, biochemical, nervous system regulation, and emotional resilience breathing techniques. A Language of Breath Breathworker is encouraged to be a free-thinker while still keeping to the highest levels of professionalism and safety using the science-based Language of Breath system.

Read the Language of Breath Book 


Discover better emotional and physical health through breathing and self-awareness. This paradigm sifting book includes 20+ science-backed breathing practices to boost your energy, unlock your mind-body connection, and heal from chronic stress.

Find a Breathworker or Event

Every Language of Breath Breathworker has been trained in the complete Language of Breath System, but they have their own style and areas of focus, to provide unique event experiences.

Meet Language of Breath Founder

Jesse Coomer sitting on a rock in nature, barefoot


Jesse Coomer is one of the foremost voices in the world of breathwork today. But for most of his life he was a mess of anxiety and stress. He suffered from what he has dubbed “The Modern Human Condition,” a condition that he suspects that you are trying to deal with too. In 2009, he began a life transformation mission that led him to discover how our physiology and psychology often conflict with the modern world and each other.

In 2014, he became passionate about breath training as a method to combat his anxiety. He began training under masters and researching the science behind how breathwork works. In 2020, after studying with neuroscientists and breathworkers from various traditions, he released his first book on breathwork, A Practical Guide to Breathwork, which offered the world a clear and concise understanding of how human physiology and breathing are interconnected. His book has sold thousands of copies all around the world and is one of the most recommended books on the topic of breathwork.

Today, Jesse Coomer is a Human Performance Specialist, Breathworker, and renowned speaker in the field of Breathwork. He trains athletes, CEOs, first responders, military, and everyday people who seek to optimize their performance, reduce their anxiety levels, and live a healthier life. Learn more at

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